Dmax: Commitments and certified moving company Dmax, entreprise de déménagement d'entreprise et particulier

DMAX, a committed company

DMAX has been awarded triple certification for its integrated quality (ISO 9001), health and safety at work (OHSAS 18001) and environmental (ISO 14 001) management system. This triple certification reflects DMAX’s commitment to fully embracing the responsibilities it has in relation to all its stakeholders.

Dmax: Commitments and certified moving company Dmax, entreprise de déménagement d'entreprise et particulier

For an eco-responsible move

We are very much aware of the environmental challenges facing our profession and have gone to every effort to reduce our consumption of energy (transport) and of non-renewable materials (packaging). We are committed to:

  • Learning more about the environmental impacts of our activities
  • Complying with and even anticipating regulations
  • Implementing an ongoing improvement approach to reduce our environmental impact.

DMAX’s environmental management system has been awarded Polycert ISO 14001 certification for its activities, products and services.

Our concrete initiatives to protect the environment


Looking for innovative products and services

  • Design of recycled and recyclable packaging, that can be used more than 30 times, instead of or in addition to cardboard boxes: D-BOX®, D-BOX® IT.
  • Creation of small recycled plastic bags for small personal effects: D-BAG®.
  • Development of an iPad application for conducting paperless inventories: D-PAD®.
  • Provision of a solution that is faster and cheaper than the car with SPEED-MAX® scooters.

Managing energy consumption

  • Analysis of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions per vehicle and driver.
  • Real-time driver monitoring with measurement and correction of vehicle driving style (D-FLEET®).
  • Vehicle pollution control with fleet renewal every 3 years.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance (tire pressure check, cleaning, air conditioning, etc.).
  • Compliance with the vehicle’s load distribution specifications.

Managing and reducing waste

  • Systematic recovery and recycling of packaging used for removals.
  • Incentive to use D-BOX® instead of conventional cardboard boxes.
  • Installation of compactors in warehouses.
  • Introduction of a procedure for recovering D-BOX® and D-BOX® computers.
  • Management and processing of furniture with our ECO-DESK® service: removal and recovery of furniture by specialist partners for a second lease of life or recycling.

Our new environmental challenges

  • Training our employees in eco-driving
  • Development of a fleet of hybrid and electric and of NGV vehicles + photo (the truck with a blue border of the NGV vehicle)
  • Computerisation of documents produced by DMAX (vehicle maintenance tracking, vehicle registration documents, invoices, quotes, etc.)
Dmax: Commitments and certified moving company Dmax, entreprise de déménagement d'entreprise et particulier

Social and societal commitment

Through its decisions and concrete initiatives, DMAX goes to every effort to fully embrace its social and societal role. DMAX is committed on behalf of its employees, partners, clients and suppliers, but also more broadly to all those whose activities and practices have an impact. For years, DMAX has focused on:

Promoting equal opportunities

DMAX wants to fight against discrimination and illegal work, and to promote professional career development.

  • Integrating workers with disabilities.
  • Recruiting people who have been out of work for a long time.
  • Promoting a good gender mix.
  • Training employees to promote internal mobility (5 people trained so they can move up within the company).
  • Implementing a welfare policy (profit-sharing, high-end providence fund, works council, gift vouchers, work on Sundays paid at double rate).
  • Sponsoring all-women crews at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in 2016 and the Rallye des Princesses.

Addressing health and risk prevention

DMAX seeks to limit risks beyond strict compliance with labour legislation and implements a prevention policy at several levels.

  • Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (display, reminder memos on the wearing of PPE, behaviour and postures, acquisition of trolleys, rolls, straps, elevators to avoid carrying heavy loads).
  • Information and awareness-raising regarding addiction (meetings, memos, blood alcohol test if suspected of intoxication, report to the occupational doctor).
  • Offers of transfers over to jobs at the warehouse for employees who have become unfit.
  • Financial participation in the Global Heart Watch since 2015 (tackling sudden death in adults).

Improve corporate governance

DMAX chairman Jérôme Jaman is committed to improving the structure and operation of his company, to managing it transparently and to adopting an ethical approach to business.

  • Implementation of a management system that involves delegating responsibilities.
  • Each process is conducted under a manager’s responsibility (billing, scheduling, furniture storage).
  • Computerisation of relocation scheduling.
  • Fleet management software.
  • Use of innovative equipment.
  • Sustainable Development and CSR charter.

Develop solidarity

Limiting exclusion, combating precariousness: these commitments ensure that DMAX is a socially-inclusive enterprise.

  • Developing professional courses (professionalisation contracts, taking on trainees, establishing partnership with schools).
  • Participation in the Play International gala to support World Children’s Day.

Strengthen social ties

Bolster team spirit and enhance employee well-being through sport.

  • Creation of a gym at the Clichy head office.
  • Sponsoring of the SDUS 93 Saint-Denis Rugby club (and hiring of athletes as day workers).
  • Sponsoring of the Union Sportive table tennis team of the Fidelaire Tennis de Table.

Improve procurement and business relationships

The company has adopted a responsible procurement policy, it creates partnerships between clients, suppliers and competitors, and develops reciprocal business commitments.

  • Partnership with an organisation that provides care through employment and other adapted companies, such as La Feuillade.
  • Member of the Le Maul association which groups together companies whose services complement those provided by DMAX and which have similarly stringent requirements.
  • Associate member of the ARSEG (association of managers and people responsible for working environments).

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