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On-site logistics


Poorly managed inventory and logistics can result in serious problems, including poor product packaging, longer delivery times, inadequate storage capacity, cost increases and client dissatisfaction. In actual fact, inventory and logistics management is a profession in its own right, which requires specific expertise and resources if operations are to be optimised.

That’s why, a growing number of companies are outsourcing their inventory and logistics management requirements, but without moving them away from their sites. Doing so increases performance while enabling them to focus on their core business. 

Customised solutions for managing logistics at your site

Thanks to its complementary expertise in storage, transport and distribution, DMAX can handle all logistics operations at your site Whatever your business sector, DMAX logistics experts can work with you on developing a customised solution that will meet the specific requirements of your clients based on your constraints, and one that will be able to absorb any seasonal or cyclical fluctuations inherent in your market. DMAX teams work seamlessly with your company and perform all supply chain operations at your site, in your warehouses and stores.

  • Receiving orders
  • Unpackaging and quality control
  • Order preparation
  • Transporting products to your clients’ sites
  • Resupply and returns management
  • Stocking and stock management
  • Surface area management
  • Store management
  • Event duty
  • Packaging
  • Mail management
  • Warehouse Management System
  • ERP interface


of our moves are undertaken by DMAX teams

Why entrust DMAX with your on-site logistics?

By outsourcing your logistics to DMAX, you can focus on your real business, you increase your performance and flexibility, and you reduce your costs.

  • You avoid investing in logistics and keep your investment capacity for your core business;
  • You improve your logistics operations by entrusting them to a specialist with the appropriate expertise, tools and resources;
  • You reduce your logistics costs:
    – by making your costs variable and flexible,
    – by pooling your logistical resources;
    – by effectively controlling your flows and reducing your inventory;
    – by improving your productivity and increasing your responsiveness;
  • You provide your clients with the benefits of a high-quality logistics chain;
  • You optimise the way in which your human resources are managed.


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