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Heavy and bulky items

Moving heavy or bulky items requires special organisation and specific expertise and resources to ensure that operations are conducted safely. 

DMAX can move heavy and bulky items to anywhere in France. Either as part of an overall removal operation, or on their own.

These items may include:

  • Upright or grand pianos
  • Safes or vaults
  • Snooker tables, Jacuzzis
  • Very large furniture items
  • Tables
  • Works of art, statues, sculptures, etc.
  • Classic cars

DMAX has moved thousands of heavy and bulky items

When moving particularly heavy or bulky items, DMAX uses specialist teams with all the equipment and supplies needed for each phase of the operation – everything from packaging and disassembly (if required) to handling, transport and installation.

When moving and transporting a very heavy or bulky object, a preliminary study is conducted so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises and ensure perfect service: integrity of the item moved, protection of the initial site and of the site to which the item is being moved (walls, doors, objects in the vicinity), adherence to stated deadlines and budget, etc. Our specialists usually conduct a site visit to examine the item to be moved (dimensions, weight, materials, etc.), determine the best way to carry it and familiarise themselves with all the specific constraints (vehicle parking, protecting the item, identifying any obstacles along the way, whether or not mechanical equipment can be used, the best itinerary to take, etc.).


of our moves are undertaken by DMAX teams

Moving a heavy or bulky item requires comprehensive expertise

  • Dismantling the item if it is too heavy or too large to move.
  • Packaging the item. DMAX uses all necessary means to protect your item. Whether it’s a piano, a snooker table or a large work of art.
  • Loading the item. DMAX has suitable equipment for moving and securing your item in accordance with standard practice (furniture lift, equipment lift, articulated cranes, powerful winches, tailgate lifts, etc.), thus ensuring its integrity.
  • Transport using appropriate vehicles, as an unusual convoy, if appropriate. DMAX has a fleet of various vehicles (from 2 to 105m3) for carrying the heaviest and bulkiest items. The itineraries and times during which the move is carried out are adapted for the item in question.
  • Reassembly of the item and reinstallation.
  • Insurance of the item transported.

Moving upright and grand pianos

Moving an upright or a grand piano is risky – both for the piano and for the people doing the moving. Depending on the piano (how big it is, what it weighs, how easy it is to access it, etc.), moving it requires special equipment and a team of experienced, perfectly coordinated movers.

Pianos are not just heavy instruments (200 to 500 kg, depending on model) – they are also delicate, fragile and valuable. Pianos, often lacquered, can be scratched or damaged unless they are perfectly protected and handled with a great deal of care. And because they have a rather high centre of gravity, pianos do not always behave like other items of furniture while they are being transported. If the piano is on any floor other than the ground floor, or in a location that is difficult to access, things are even more complicated. Special equipment is required for passing it through a window. Moving pianos is therefore a particularly delicate operation that should only be entrusted to specialists.

DMAX has a great deal of experience in moving pianos and can give you a quote.


A guaranteed premium move involving:

  • 100% proactive and flexible DMAX teams who are trained and experienced, available to listen to your needs;
  • Powerful hardware and software;
  • technical and service innovations that simplify and secure relocation operations;
  • an ongoing improvement process for the Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (triple Polycert certification).

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