Listening, being available, being responsive and being flexible. DMAX goes to every possible effort.

For your move to be successful, it is important that you entrust it to a company that really does listen to your needs and is then able to be flexible and responsive. When it comes to these areas, very few companies measure up to DMAX.


At DMAX, we really listen to our clients

Every move is unique. That is why we are particularly attentive to our clients’ needs and wishes. And, thanks to our experience, and to our ability to listen and understand, we are able to come up with solutions that are perfectly suited to their move.


DMAX is able to work in an emergency

Thanks to the flexible nature of our organisation and the experience and commitment of our teams, we are able to plan and carry out certain moves in a very short time. With our SPEED-MAX® service which we introduced in 2007, we can provide people and equipment in under four hours – the ultimate illustration of our responsive approach to moving.


DMAX is known for its availability

For some moves, large or specialist teams need to be put together, operations need to be conducted very early in the morning or in the evening… and sometimes during the night. We are able to adapt and make ourselves available accordingly to fit in with our clients’ timetables and provide them with the resources needed to meet their expectations.


DMAX can handle the unexpected and even the most specific requests

Need some manpower or some help? An unexpected event or incident to deal with on move day? A special request? At DMAX, we are particularly flexible. We can adapt in real time to anything unexpected and meet highly specific requests. The result is that moving with DMAX is less of a chore. DMAX does everything to make things more comfortable for you.

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