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Employee mobility

DMAX can relocate your employees to locations in France and abroad

You need to help your employees move as part of a transfer or expatriation and you need to do so efficiently and securely. You need to call on a professional…

DMAX specialises in premium business relocations and also has a wide range of expertise in employee mobility solutions.

Whether you are moving employees within France or abroad (Europe, China, Brazil, Russia, the United States, the Middle East, etc.), DMAX’s teams are completely familiar with the challenges and problems that doing so poses. DMAX has entered into framework agreements with many companies which can help handle your employees’ moving operations.


DMAX supports you throughout preparations for your employees’ move and offers a wide range of services that cover all the needs inherent in this type of operation:

  • Project support, particularly for international removals: administrative procedures, customs procedures, calculating taxes payable (which vary from country to country), information on constraints (prohibited products, etc.) and deadlines, insurance, etc.
  • Selecting means of transport for international moves or to an overseas territory (road, sea, air freight, etc.), from the collection of property items up until their delivery.
  • Clean transfer of the property belonging to the employees’ families: removal, customs clearance of relocated goods, transport, delivery. DMAX can handle the transport of vehicles and animals.
  • Moving heavy and bulky objects, as well as valuables (antiques, works of art, etc.).
  • Storage of property in depositories. DMAX can provide short- and long-term storage and depository solutions at all its locations, in modern, secure warehouses (featuring remote monitoring and fire detection systems) and with controlled temperature and humidity. DMAX can collect property, store it and then deliver it at the end of the service. Items are stored in individual 8 m³ containers which are ventilated and sealed in your presence. Furniture is individually wrapped with suitable materials, for better protection (against humidity, shocks, pests, etc.).
  • Storage of precious items. DMAX can store items of value in vaults that are CCTV-monitored 24 hours a day.


of our services are delivered by DMAX teams

Premium removal services for your employees

A mutation or an expatriation is always an important event, generating stress. Our range of premium removal services helps to bring serenity to everyone we move.
Every year, DMAX manages thousands of operations of all sizes, all over France and internationally with a clear objective: zero faults and 100% satisfied clients. Our management system has obtained triple certification – ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety at work). 
Our services are characterized by:

Premium service at every step of the way:

  • Preparatory visit
  • Managing parking permits
  • Supply of cardboard boxes and tape
  • Packaging / unpackaging of fragile items (mirrors, paintings, tableware)
  • Packaging / unpackaging of non-fragile items (books, clothes, trinkets, etc.)
  • Packaging / unpackaging of clothes on hangers in wardrobe boxes
  • Protection of mattresses under plastic covers
  • Disassembly / reassembly of furniture (if required) and protection
  • Handling & loading into a padded van
  • Unloading & installation

Expert, involved, and responsible teams

Our specialist teams work with finesse and precision. They all have an average of 12 years’ service

A fleet of high-performance vehicles

Vehicle pollution control with fleet renewal every 3 years.

Modern equipment, guaranteeing productivity

Tools, trolleys, cupboard carriers, electric ladders, rolling shelves, rolls, ramps, etc. DMAX uses handling methods that keep the arduous nature of the work to a minimum for the movers while improving the efficiency of the service delivered to the client.


Premium distribution logistics thanks to:

  • 100% proactive and flexible DMAX teams who are trained and experienced, available to listen to your needs;
  • Powerful hardware and software;
  • technical and service innovations that simplify and secure operations;
  • an ongoing improvement process for the Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (triple Polycert certification).

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