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Distribution logistics

Distribution logistics, a complex business… which is not your core business

More and more companies are outsourcing management of their project distribution so they can focus on their core business. Delivering goods quickly, reliably and securely requires expertise and logistical resources that not all companies have.

Customised logistics solutions for your distribution

Thanks to its complementary expertise in storage, transport and distribution, DMAX can optimise all your logistics operations, whatever your business sector. DMAX works with you on building and implementing customised solutions – tailored to your business, your constraints and your budget – and provides the appropriate human and material resources, in strict compliance with current laws and regulations.

From its regional platforms, DMAX manages all the operations associated with the various stages of the supply chain on your behalf so as to get your products to their recipients.

  • Order reception and unpackaging
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management
  • Preparing just-in-time orders
  • Equipment configuration and provisioning
  • Price labelling and blister-packaging
  • Conveying equipment to the locations at which it is to be operated
  • Connecting hardware to existing IT networks
  • Equipment demonstration
  • Product distribution at points of sale
  • First-level training for equipment users
  • Booking appointments


of our services are delivered by DMAX teams

Why outsource your distribution logistics?

By outsourcing your distribution logistics to DMAX, you can focus on your real business, you increase your performance and flexibility, and you reduce your costs.

  • You avoid heavy investments (warehouse, parking, vehicle fleets, etc.), and keep your investment capacity for your core business;
  • You provide your clients with the guarantee of a fully-controlled supply chain;
  • You reduce your costs (better flow management, stock reduction, variable costs based on your level of activity, pooling of resources, etc.);
  • You can budget your logistics spending more accurately.
  • You adapt your transport resources to seasonal or cyclical variations in your business.

And, of course, you free yourself from all the constraints and risks associated with transport, be they technical, human, economic, social, legal or fiscal:

  • Maintenance, technical inspection and repair of vehicles, replacement in the event of immobilisation;
  • Vehicle depreciation, maintenance costs, vehicle resale, etc.
  • Administrative procedures (vehicle registration documents, insurance, etc.) and negotiations with third parties (dealers, insurers, tyre specialists, etc.);
  • Recruitment, training and replacement in the event of staff absence;
  • Administrative management of staff (pay, recruitment, dismissal, etc.);
  • Management of items associated with travel: fuel, motorway tolls, expense reports, etc.
  • Management of driving hours and compliance with legal obligations.


Premium distribution logistics thanks to:

  • 100% proactive and flexible DMAX teams who are trained and experienced, available to listen to your needs;
  • Powerful hardware and software;
  • technical and service innovations that simplify and secure operations;
  • an ongoing improvement process for the Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (triple Polycert certification).

Examples of equipment and products for which we provide distribution logistics support

  • Safes
  • Photocopiers
  • ATMs
  • Furniture
  • Drinks dispensers

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