DMAX makes moving easier with its innovations

DMAX’s uniqueness and strength are due in large part to its creativity, and to its ability to innovate in order to make moving easier and more efficient. Since it was founded in 2006, DMAX has been fully engaged in modernising the removal business, developing and improving it by creating new products and services that are real breakthroughs.


A real ecological, technological and economic innovation

D-BOX® is made of cellular polypropylene, recycled and recyclable material It can be reused more than 40 times and has five major advantages:

  • Can be assembled in under 10 seconds, without adhesives or glue
  • Increased rigidity and tightness
  • Easier to handle
  • Can be lead-sealed if required
  • Same cost as standard cardboard boxes*

The D-BOX® is available in black, different colours and in a version for computers (format is suitable for transporting screens, CPUs and other computer peripherals). The D-BOX® has made traditional moving boxes look decidedly old-fashioned. It has been copied many times… but never improved upon.
*provided the D-BOX® is returned at the end of the move.


The radio labelling system that makes moving secure

TRACK-MAX® is the first RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system developed in France for moving. It can be used to identify and track objects being moved. Each box, piece of furniture or item of equipment is marked with a smart label containing information (detailed contents of the box or piece of furniture, provenance, destination, etc.) which can be read with a scanner or portal at any point during its journey. TRACK-MAX® is an optional service with numerous benefits:

  • Remote identification of the contents of the box or furniture item
  • Contents of boxes and furniture items are kept perfectly confidential
  • Boxes can be tracked in real time, with individual object tracking
  • Can be coupled with vehicle GPS systems
  • Enhances after-sales efficiency


Movers on site in under 4 hours!

Perhaps you need to perform an emergency internal or external relocation, set up a meeting room, move some archives or workstations, or assemble or disassemble some equipment? DMAX provides you with all the material and human resources you need so you can get it done in under four hours. Scooter, car, van, lorry: SPEED-MAX® adapts to your needs.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency operations
  • Backup in the event of anything unexpected
  • Guaranteed response in under 4 hours


The application that speeds up project preparation

All the information needed for your move, including the details of volumes, are recorded on site, thanks to an iPad application. The result is valuable time savings when conducting technical inspections. After the visit, DMAX is able to provide a comprehensive inventory and an initial estimate of the costs involved.

  • Application dedicated to moving
  • Easy data logging
  • Real-time inventory


Showcasing the extra special attention to DMAX pays to detail

People can use this recycled plastic pouch during business relocation operations for all their small office supplies. That way, they don’t have to leave their personal effects rattling around in boxes.

  • Recycled pouch
  • Small personal objects are kept separate
  • Time savings


100% web-based fleet management solution that leaves nothing to chance

With the help of advanced features, DMAX can track each vehicle’s exact journey. This way, clients can be warned of any delays, and a local team can be sent as backup if required. It also reduces fuel consumption, encouraging people to drive responsibly and economically. The accelerator sensors with which our vehicles are equipped send information in real time to our drivers so they can correct their driving style.

  • Real-time tracking of all vehicles
  • Specific information sent to the client
  • Driving style monitoring

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