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Vacating sites and returning them to their original condition

When you move, you are required to leave the premises in good condition and remove anything that you do not want to keep. Similarly, when you move in, you may need to undertake some repairs: major cleaning, wall whitewashing, etc.

DMAX’s extra post-moving out
or pre-moving in

To provide its clients with a comprehensive solution to meet all their needs, save them time and avoid them having to manage multiple stakeholders and service providers, DMAX can handle everything – from removing everything from a site to returning premises to their original condition. The advantage is that you only have to deal with a single contact person for all services:

  • Cleaning services (industrial or car park cleaning, shampooing of carpets, washing of walls, etc.)
  • Minor repairs and essential operations for completing your work (relamping, changing electrical sockets, repainting, fitting a new carpet or replacing tiles, fixing cable guards on the floor, etc.)
  • More major work, such as cleaning your premises, removing false ceilings and partitions, removing floor coverings, etc. before undertaking a complete renovation, for example.

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