DMAX, a recognised business relocation specialist

DMAX, renowned expertise

DMAX is one of France’s most dynamic and innovative players in business relocation. By placing the emphasis on operational excellence and innovation, DMAX has grown rapidly and developed a range of comprehensive premium services. DMAX now has a network of branches all over France, enabling it to deliver a highly-responsive, local service to all of its clients. Since it was created, DMAX has won the trust of thousands of companies and has completed a number of major operations.

DMAX. Multi-sectoral expertise

Who are our clients? DMAX works with companies from all sectors and of all sizes – from very small companies to multinationals. DMAX also works with consulting firms with which it has established relationships based on trust. Whatever your business sector, whatever your profession, wherever you are based no matter how large or small your company is, no matter how many sites you have, feel free to get in touch.
  • Relocating head offices and administrative sites
  • Relocating commercial sites, stores and warehouses
  • Relocating industrial sites
  • Relocating IT rooms
  • Relocating clean rooms
  • Relocating laboratories
  • Handling heavy and outsized equipment
  • Relocating sensitive objects (objects of value, works of art)
  • Relocating archives and archiving
  • Storage & furniture depositories
  • On-site logistics and distribution logistics
  • Moving employees

Business relocations in France and internationally… as well as internally

Whatever the distance and destination, DMAX offers premium services. DMAX operates throughout France and has regular links with neighbouring countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain).

For removals over longer distances, DMAX works in partnership with international relocation specialists (Central and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania). DMAX supports its clients throughout the operation and provides all the necessary services and guarantees for an international move.

DMAX is also regularly involved in internal relocations. Many clients ask us to help them with relocations over the same site when they are restructuring or redeveloping their premises: relocating a single office or an entire office floor, restructuring storage or archive spaces, etc. Whatever the distance, a business relocation operation requires the same expertise and care.

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Ten concrete commitments
that ensure the success of your relocation


Analyse needs
and put forward appropriate solutions (quality standards, scheduling, resources)


Ensure deployment
of necessary human and material resources


the removal period to what is strictly necessary


defined quality standards


defined schedules


backup solutions




monitor relocations


incidents encountered during the service


teams and technical and material resources to changes and contingencies

DMAX has the material resources required to deliver zero-fault services

A fleet of high-performance vehicles

  • Vehicles purchased new and replaced every 3 years
  • Geolocation of all lorries for maximum safety and responsiveness
  • Compliance with pollution control standards in accordance with our sustainable development charter
  • Driving and handling comfort for our teams

Modern equipment, guaranteeing productivity

  • Tools, trolleys, cupboard carriers, electric ladders, rolling shelves, rolls, ramps, etc. DMAX uses handling methods that keep the arduous nature of the work to a minimum for the movers while improving the efficiency of the service delivered to the client.

HGVs & trailers
45 to 105 m3

Light lorries
20 to 22 m3

Utility vehicles
2 to 11 m3

Light vehicles
2 to 4 m3

Furniture carriers



of our moves are undertaken by DMAX teams

For DMAX, the human factor is essential

DMAX staff are something of a rarity in the removal sector: the vast majority of them are permanent employees who have been trained and are experienced in our methods and processes. All our employees always work under the responsibility of a coordinator. Their professional approach will ensure that they stand out:


All employees have mobile phones, coordinators and team leaders are always available.


Team members wear personal protective equipment (safety shoes, gloves, etc.) and are dressed in DMAX colours so they can be identified immediately.


While operations are being carried out, DMAX ensures that safety instructions are followed and that the team members on the ground behave appropriately.


The staff are all specialised in their field and are employed by the company on permanent contracts.

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