DMAX can help with special and sensitive relocation operations

DMAX undertakes relocation operations in specific or sensitive sectors and environments where special procedures are required Thanks to our experience, expertise, methods and logistical and human resources, we are able to conduct dozens of relocation operations every year in a highly varied range of fields:

Administrative and office relocations

DMAX has specialist expertise in administrative and office relocations, and has performed operations for a wide range of organisations: public and private enterprises, local authorities, administrations, charities, public and private bodies, etc.

DMAX can provide its clients with regular or ad hoc global or specific services. These can be internal relocation operations (a simple restructuring of office space or storage or archiving space, etc.) or external relocation operations, either in France or abroad:

  • Moving and handling Head office
  • Moving and handling City
  • Moving and handling Local council
  • Moving and handling Regional council
  • Moving and handling Ministries, consulates & embassies
  • Moving and handling Chambers of commerce
  • Moving and handling Chambers of trade
  • Moving and handling Social bodies

Relocating hospitals and clinics

DMAX regularly performs operations for health institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.) to relocate offices, bio-medical equipment, IT rooms, archives, etc.

Our specialist teams are fully aware of the challenges and the specific constraints with which healthcare establishments have to deal. They adhere to precise methods, guaranteeing that the services they deliver meet the demands of the sector, and have everything they need in the way of human, material and software resources to:

  • relocate bio-medical equipment and materials,
  • relocate sterilisation equipment and materials,
  • relocate refrigerated or frozen products, ensuring that the cold chain remains unbroken,
  • relocate pharmaceuticals in sealed crates that are computer-traced,
  • reinstall all materials and equipment, in accordance with the location maps provided.

Relocating clean rooms and laboratories

White rooms or clean rooms (ISO 14644-1 standard), grey rooms, research laboratories, analysis laboratories, etc. DMAX can provide turnkey services for relocating products, materials and equipment for these various working environments. Our specialist teams are fully aware of the relevant challenges and the specific constraints. They can operate in all relevant fields in order to:

  • relocate food production plants
  • relocate pharmaceutical production plants
  • relocate biological research plants
  • relocate biotechnology plants
  • relocate biology laboratories
  • relocate semiconductor production plants
  • relocate optical instrument construction plants

These operations require the use of specific resources and adherence to strict procedures with which DMAX is very familiar.

Relocating administrations and institutions

DMAX regularly works with administrations and institutions, delivering regular or ad hoc services for them. These services may be internal or external, they may involve moving and handling furniture (offices, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, etc.), archives or works of art at the premises of the administrations and institutions. They may also involve moving or handling operations so as to hold events in party rooms, gymnasia or sports complexes managed by these administrations and institutions.

  • Moving and handling Head office
  • Moving and handling City
  • Moving and handling Local council
  • Moving and handling Regional council
  • Moving and handling Ministries, consulates & embassies
  • Moving and handling Chambers of commerce
  • Moving and handling Chambers of trade
  • Moving and handling Social bodies

Relocating archives and libraries

Since it was created, DMAX has relocated archives and moved book libraries and media libraries. Such operations may include internal or external removal operations or performing ad hoc or regular services. Our teams have a high level of expertise in performing such relocation operations. They have all the hardware and software solutions – including TRACK-MAX® and D-PAD® – to secure and simplify operations at each stage:

  • Identification and labelling (conducting an inventory if necessary).
  • Packaging
  • Equipment disassembly
  • Internal or external relocation
  • Equipment assembly
  • Relocation in accordance with the planned layout

Relocating stores and warehouses

Relocating stores, warehouses or logistics platforms requires the application of a rigorous methodology and the use of appropriate material resources. DMAX teams are experienced in this type of relocation operation and have all the hardware and software solutions (TRACK-MAX®, D-PAD®, etc.) required to deliver a zero-fault service to you at each stage of the operation:

  • Inventory tracking and labelling (conducting an inventory if necessary).
  • Packaging of goods
  • Equipment disassembly (shelves, racks, pallets, etc.)
  • Relocating goods and equipment
  • Equipment assembly
  • Relocation of goods, in accordance with the layout maps provided.

Handling heavy and voluminous items

Reinforced cabinets, safes, photocopiers, machine tools, bio-medical equipment, pianos, snooker tables, etc. For relocating heavy or bulky objects and equipment, DMAX has specialist professionals, with all the equipment needed for packaging, lifting and transport. Handling heavy loads and large objects requires special organisation and specific expertise and resources to ensure that operations are conducted safely. To get a quote, complete our online form. It will only take a few seconds.

Handling valuables and works of art

Packaging, handling and transporting valuables and works of art are very delicate operations which require special methods, qualifications and resources. DMAX regularly moves valuable objects and works of art – sometimes very fragile or large ones – for museums, galleries and cultural sites. Our specialist teams work with finesse and precision. They use special packaging, appropriate protection or custom-made reinforcements to ensure that the items carried do not suffer any damage. Complete our form to tell us about your requirements.


With TRACK-MAX®, we secure and facilitate the tracking of sensitive relocation operations
DMAX has developed a new radio labelling system: TRACK-MAX®. This radio frequency identification (RFID) technique encodes information about each package (contents, recipient, the location from where it was picked up, the location to which it is to be delivered, etc.) and ensures:

  • the complete confidentiality of the items carried,
  • real-time traceability, with individual tracking of items,
  • interfacing with the GPS systems of the vehicles used.

The TRACK-MAX® service, offered as an option, is a real asset for successfully conducting sensitive relocation operations.

Nous développons des outils de gestion commerciale, de gestion des plannings et de notre flotte. Nous innovons au plan des solutions matérielles et des services : logiciel d’inventaire, système de radio-étiquetage des objets, géolocalisation des véhicules, services de déménagement d’urgence, etc. Bref, nous faisons en permanence bouger les lignes, et ce pour la plus grande satisfaction de nos clients.
Pour DMAX, la qualité premium des prestations est en effet un principe intangible. Nous tenons à offrir à nos clients ce qu’il y a de mieux en matière de déménagement, au prix juste. Et ce sans jamais transiger avec notre responsabilité sociétale. Notre système de management a obtenu une triple certification – ISO 9001 (Qualité), ISO 14001 (Environnement) et OHSAS 18001 (santé et sécurité au travail) – qui traduit notre volonté de devenir la référence du transfert d’entreprises et du déménagement de particuliers, en France et à l’international.


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