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Moving valuables and works of art

Moving valuables and works of art is a specialist task

Moving a work of art is always a delicate operation – the object in question can have high financial value. It therefore needs to be protected against any damage and be transported in a secure way. Furthermore, works of art are often very fragile because of their age or simply because of the materials they are made of. Particular care therefore needs to be taken: the service delivered needs to be appropriate for these challenges. This is why only specialists should be entrusted with moving works of art and objects of value.


  • Moving paintings
  • Moving statues
  • Moving sculptures
  • Moving antiques
  • Moving valuable furniture
  • Moving rare books
  • Moving mirrors, chandeliers, valuable lights
  • Moving valuable vases and dishes
  • Moving valuable items and classic cars

DMAX has moved thousands of valuable items and works of art

DMAX regularly transports valuables and works of art to museums, galleries, businesses and individuals. DMAX’s specialist teams have wide-ranging experience and expertise in solving the problems inherent in this type of move (heavy loads, fragile objects, outsized volumes, difficult access, constraints associated with traffic and roads, etc.) and can guarantee a premium service.


of our moves are undertaken by DMAX teams

Moving a work of art or a valuable object – a bespoke service

A work of art is often unique. Moving it needs to be as well. The preparation phase is therefore essential if the operation is to be completed successfully. A technical inspection is often vital so as to get the measure of the object to be moved (its dimensions, weight, centre of gravity, materials, areas of fragility, how it can be got hold of, etc.), determine the best route for transporting it based on how the initial and destination sites are set up (stair corridors, lifts, ceiling heights, etc.), determine how many people are needed, look into insurance issues and provide all the accessories, equipment and vehicles needed for the various phases of the operation.


Our teams work with finesse and precision. They use special packaging, appropriate protection and, if necessary, custom-made reinforcements to ensure that the items carried do not suffer any damage.


With its various logistics resources and its expertise in various handling techniques (using cranes, lifting, strap-carrying, passing items through windows, etc.), DMAX is able to handle any situation it encounters.


DMAX has a fleet of vehicles of all sizes (from 2 to 105 m3), all fitted with all the equipment required to guarantee the integrity of the items transported.


Reinstalling works of art and items transported can often be just as delicate as collecting and transporting them. DMAX can handle these operations with the same level of care.


A guaranteed premium move involving:

  • 100% proactive and flexible DMAX teams who are trained and experienced, available to listen to your needs;
  • Powerful hardware and software;
  • technical and service innovations that simplify and secure relocation operations;
  • an ongoing improvement process for the Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (triple Polycert certification).

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